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Mumbaikars prefer using local means of transport to travel around the metropolis, as insufficient parking places and traffic bottlenecks don't allow them to draw out their own vehicles. Thus, there are enough means of transportation in Mumbai.

Local Trains are the major means of transport in Mumbai. Most of the city-dwellers rely on Mumbai Suburban Railway to travel within the metropolis. The extensive network of Railways has three lines, called the Western Line, the Central Main Line and the Harbour Line.

Hiring a taxi is a convenient way of traveling in and around Mumbai. They are small sized cars which are cheap and easily available. The regular taxis are black and yellow in color, with manual meters and without air condition. There are even pre-paid taxis available, which rule out the meter and fix the fare before hand. From midnight, till 5 a.m. in the morning, 25 percent extra fare is charged. Big sized luggage items are charged at Rs 10 each. Before getting into a taxi, ensure that the meter is working properly.

Auto rickshaw is yet another one of the comfortable means to travel in the city. These are not available in the downtown areas and operate only beyond Bandra and Sion in the western and central suburbs, respectively. Autos also carry meters and the initial marking is 10.00. Ensure the reading is right as soon as you board an auto. It should be preferred only for short distances, as its speed is very slow.

Buses are the most popular means of transport in Mumbai. A major chunk of the population travels by bus. Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) buses provide efficient services in and around the city. There are buses connecting Mumbai to the suburban areas like Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mira-Bhayanadar. The buses are numbered according to the route they run on and are usually very crowded. The tickets are given by a uniformed conductor. The buses operate till midnight and have seats reserved for senior citizens, ladies and handicapped.

Cars are also provided to the tourists by the Travel Agents and Hotels. These are private cars available with a private chauffeur for the convenience of the travelers. Though they are expensive, they are the safe, trusted and comfortable way of traveling around the city.